Message from Tempa Lama: offering for the enthronement of the 34th Menri Trizin

I will be traveling to the enthronement of the new Menri Trizin at Menri Monastery, India, on September 6-7 and I need your help to be able to make an offering to His Holiness and to the Menri community on behalf of the Olmo Ling community.

I was fortunate to grow up under the close guidance and care of the previous spiritual head of Bon, the 33rd Menri Trizin Lungton Tenpa Nyima. His Holiness left his physical body on September 14, 2017. On January 1, 2018, Geshe Dawa Dhargyal was determined as the new spiritual head of Bon and Abbot of Menri. Bon nuns and monks from across Asia conducted a special weeklong prayer ritual under the guidance of the Menri head teacher, Ponlop Rinpoche. With the blessing of the protector deities of Bon, the name of Geshe Dawa Dhargyal arose from the prayer urn at the end of the ceremony.

Our connection with the Menri Abbot has been the deepest blessing of my life and a guiding light of inspiration for Olmo Ling. As you know, Olmo Ling Bon Center & Institute has received the honor of affiliation with Menri Monastery from the 33rd Menri Trizin.

The enthronement of the worldwide spiritual head of Bon is a very rare occasion. Traditionally, Bon monasteries and centers offer a generous gift to support the transition as well as new beneficial projects undertaken by the new His Holiness. On behalf of the Olmo Ling community, I plan to sponsor:

  • $5,500 Lunch and tea offering for 550 monks and nuns ($10 each)
  • $1,500 Gift to His Holiness 34th
  • $750 Gift to Menri Ponlop, head teacher of Menri Monastery (ALREADY FULLY FUNDED)
  • $375 Gift to the abbot of the Bon Dialectic School at Menri
  • $375 Gift to the head teacher (Ponlop) of the Bon Dialectic School at Menri
  • $375 Offering to the Sidpa Gyalmo protector temple at Menri (ALREADY FULLY FUNDED)
  • $5,500 Donations of $10 for each of the 550 monks and nuns
  • $625 travel support for Tempa Lama (ALREADY FULLY FUNDED)

You can donate securely online or mail a check marked “enthronement” to Olmo Ling, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. If you would like to donate the costs of a specific portion of the offering, such as the $1,500 gift to His Holiness or the $375 gift to the abbot of the Bon Dialectic School at Menri, please accompany your donation with a brief email note. Please contact us at 412-904-1112 or bon@olmoling.org with any questions.

With the help of generous donations from our community, we have raised $13,611. With your help we can raise the remaining $1,389!