Welcome to Olmo Ling

Olmo Ling is a religious educational non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings of the Bon tradition of Tibet and making them available and accessible to lay practitioners.

Olmo Ling offers weekly meditation practice and teachings, prayers, meditation instruction and private interviews, and a study program that includes regular retreats with Tempa Dukte Lama and visiting lamas of the Bon tradition.


Public Talk & Retreat with H.E. 7th Kundol Rinpoche: Dzogchen Mar Mo Dzub Khrid Teachings – Second Cycle, February 6-8

We are happy to announce that H.E. 7th Kundol Rinpoche will return to Olmo Ling this winter to offer a special teaching from the Kundol lineage. Rinpoche will continue teaching precious, rarely taught Dzogchen teachings from his lineage, called Dzogchen Mar Mo Dzub Khrid. The teaching is given in three cycles: Prerequisite Practices, Pith Instructions to the Nature of the Mind, and Post-Meditation. This February, Rinpoche will begin the second cycle, the Pith Instructions to the Nature of the Mind.

This retreat is open to anyone – it is not necessary to have attended the previous teaching on Dzogchen Mar Mo Dzub Khrid last year.

Kundrol Rinpoche is the 7th reincarnation of the great Kundrol Jatson Nyingpo of Tibet. He is a renowned healer and psychic. Rinpoche’s warmth and compassion, his sense of humor and the unique qualities of his teachings have touched the lives of many beings. Rinpoche is a nonsectarian and has received teachings and empowerments with highly venerated Bon and Buddhist masters such as H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, H.H. Menling Tri Rinpoche, H.E. Dodrup Rinpoche and many others.

Public talk: Fri., February 6, 7-8:15pm (open to all – no registration needed)

Retreat: Sat. February 7, 9:30am-5pm with lunch break and Sun. February 8, 10am-1pm

Olmo Ling Bon Center & Institute, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

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Help us sponsor the publication of new Bon books

Founded in 2010 by Tempa Dukte Lama, Olmo Ling Publications is the first Bon publishing house. We publish translations of classic texts, practices, and commentaries from the various spiritual traditions of Tibet, seeking in particular to preserve the ancient wisdom of the Bon teachings for future generations and make its teachings available in the West. You can order from our online store or on Amazon.com.

Sponsor a Bon publication
Please consider supporting one of our current publication projects:

You can donate securely online here. Your gift is vital in helping us expand the range of Bon publications available in the West.

2015 Programs and Retreats now online

Visit the 2015 Programs and Retreats page for Tempa Lama’s 2015 teaching schedule and programs with visiting lamas at Olmo Ling.

Help us send a young woman from Humla to nursing school

We invite you to help us in sponsoring a young woman from Humla to attend nursing school in Kathmandu. We have successfully raised $1,600 to cover the costs of the first year of nursing school. The full three years will cost $4,000 in tuition.

After successfully completing the Medical Service Trip to Humla this fall, Tempa Lama wants to help educate talented young people in Humla as nurses to begin offering sustained health care services in this remote valley. We have witnessed that Humla’s children study with remarkable dedication and motivation, often finishing school at the top of their class when given the chance to study in a good school in Kathmandu. The young woman whom we are sponsoring, Sangita, has firmly committed to return to Humla as a nurse after completing her degree. After passing the nursing school entrance exam in Kathmandu with very good results she is now enrolled in her first semester and studying hard.

Please support us in sponsoring the second and third year of nursing school for Sangita. Your generosity will offer the gift of education and a future to this young woman. To support Sangita in studying as nurse, you can mail a check to Olmo Ling or donate online here.

Thank you for your generosity!

Olmo Ling Youth Sangha Program ages 8-16, upcoming dates: February 6 and 20

We warmly invite children ages 8-16 to join the Olmo Ling Youth Sangha program, offered every 1st and 3rd Friday, 7-8:30pm.

Upcoming dates:
Feb 6 and Feb 20, March 6 and March 20, April 3 and April 17

The Friday evening Youth Sangha is a mindful way to to end the school week and begin the weekend. This Program is free and open to all, friends and newcomers are always warmly welcome. Gatherings include a snack, meditation, and an art activity such as calligraphy, music & literature or discussions and service projects. Tempa Lama will join some of the sessions to lead creative and mindful activities. Please RSVP, with the Youth Sangha coordinator Bonnie if possible, to ensure adequate materials are available for class.

Monthly Day of Practice and Meditation – next practice day, Sunday Feb. 22

The next Day of Practice and Meditation will be on February 22, 2015. The Day of Practice and Meditation is offered on the last Sunday each month and is open to all levels of practitioners, non-practitioners and to the simply curious. No experience is necessary. The day will be spent in silent meditation, prayer and chanting. Texts and words for the prayers, chants and mantras will be provided along with explanations and instructions.

The day will be divided into separate sessions – you can attend one, two, several, the whole day, whatever fits into your schedule. You can sit on a cushion, in a chair, stand or any other position that works best for you. Each session will be followed by a 15 minute break. Water, tea and coffee will be available.

No advance registration is required. There is no fee, but, donations to Olmoling are always appreciated. We do ask that you make every effort to be on time for the sessions.


7:00 – 7:45 – Silent Meditation
8:00 – 8:45 – Silent Meditation
9:00 – 9:45 – Chant – Three Heart Mantras of Bon
10:00 – 10:45 – Silent Meditation
11:00 – 11:45 – Silent Meditation
11:45 – 1:15 – LUNCH – Pack a lunch and join us for a lunchtime talk

1:30 – 2:15 – Silent Meditation
2:30 – 3:15 – Chants/Prayers – Healing
3:30 – 4:15 – Silent Meditation
4:30 – 5:15 – Chanting/Prayer – Loving Mother
5:30 – 6:15 – Silent Meditation
6:15 – 7:00 – 100 Syllable Mantra

Please visit our Weekly Schedule for more details. IMPORTANT – This is Pittsburgh and it is February, so check the Olmoling website for weather caused delays or cancellations.

The sessions will be guided by Jim DelBianco. If you have any questions email Jim at sangha@olmoling.org.



Heart Drop of the Loving Mother

By Tempa Dukte Lama

Olmo Ling Publications, June 2014
Paperback 176pp, $16.95

In Heart Drop of the Loving Mother, Tempa Dukte Lama opens the door to the practice of embodying the Great Loving Mother, known in Tibetan Bön as Sherab Jamma, the female Buddha of love and wisdom. The Loving Mother is the mother of all. She is the source of our wisdom and wholesome aspiration. She is the ceaseless source of compassion, skillful means, and power. Through these qualities, the Loving Mother nurtures all beings without hindrance. She is clarity without obstacles. She is the awakened nature of all beings. She is love because she wants all beings to be happy. She is compassion because she wants all beings to be free from suffering. She is presence because she is always there, offering us strength, protection, and clarity.

The Heart Drop of the Loving Mother Practice helps us connect with our primordial capacity to love and care unconditionally for one another and for ourselves. If we take some time for this practice every day, it will deeply transform us.

Order your copy of Heart Drop of the Loving Mother from our store here.


Journey into Buddhahood

The Five Paths and Ten Stages of Compassionate Beings

By Tempa Dukte Lama
Foreword by H.E. Menri Lopon.

Olmo Ling Publications, September 2013
Paperback 249pp, $18.95

The Journey into Buddhahood is the practice of realizing the true nature of reality. We enter this journey when we first have the thought of helping all beings without distinction.

This is the first time that the Bon teachings on the Paths and Stages of compassionate beings are written in English or any other Western language. This book is like the rain coming at the right time and place. It will be of great benefit to all aspiring beings.
- His Eminence Menri Lopon Rinpoche.

Read more here and order your copy of Journey into Buddhahood from our store here.

Other Publications from Olmo Ling

Tempa Lama’s other two books, Inexhaustible Miracles: The Ten Perfections on the Path of Compassionate Beings and The Intimate Mind: Illuminating Emotion and Transformation are available from our online store and from Amazon.


Directed by Olmo Ling chant leader Eileen Nadzam, Music for Menri provides Western instruments and music lessons to nuns in the Renla Menling Nunnery at Menri Monastery, India, as well as Western music education for students in the Menri Monastery school. Eileen is also building an extensive collection of transcriptions of Bon chants and other sacred music into Western notation to support their preservation for future generations.

Recently, Music for Menri received a donation of six violins. At this time, incoming donations will be used to carry out some minor required repairs to these instruments and transport them to Menri.

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Olmo Ling community Sunday Family Practice Gathering

Starting January 4, 2015 we will be offering a family friendly practice gathering the first Sunday of the month.

The Sunday Service will begin at 4pm and include short segments of prayer, mantra, meditation, yoga and stories and discussion for adults and children alike. It will be a very relaxed setting, and children can join in or play together. We will conclude with a light pot luck meal, finishing up by 6pm.

Mark Shefsiek will be leading this service. Please RSVP by noon Saturday (the day before the Family Practice Gathering) with him at mark.shefsiek@gmail.com. Please note if you can bring a dish and/or assist in cleaning up afterwards.


Yeshe Walmo Sculpture by William Rock

We are pleased to announce this historic sculpture of Yeshe Walmo created by artist William Rock in a Limited Edition of 50 units, is now available for purchase at our Olmo Ling Bookstore.

As far as is known, no other sculpture of Yeshe Walmo, the Tibetan Bon deity of healing and protection, exists. This historic endeavor represents the first time ever a Western sculptor has been engaged in this way by the Tibetan Bon tradition, and possibly in Tibetan Buddhism in general.

William Rock’s sculpture of Yeshe Walmo has been acknowledged as authentic by His Holiness The 33rd Menri Trizin, the worldwide spiritual leader of Tibetan Bon.

Read more and purchase here.

New Sangha Corner on Olmo Ling Website

Engagements, weddings, births, anniversaries, illnesses, deaths, in business, starting a business, needing prayers, something for sale, looking to buy something in particular or just something that you would like to share with your fellow Sangha members.

We have created a new place on the web site where we can inform everyone about what is “happening now”. But, in order to do this we need to hear from you. Send your “happenings” to Jim DelBianco and Susan Wagner at sangha@olmoling.org.