Dü Dok: Averting Misfortune & Obstacles in Poland with Tempa Dukte Lama

Saturday, June 29th – Sunday, June 30th, 2024

from 9:00 – 17:00 | Including a Lunch Break

Wspólnota Shambhala
ul. Sniadeckich 20/21
01-419 Warszawa
WEB: Sa Trik Er Sang – Facebook
PH: +48 697 360 002

Piotr Grzybowski
PH: +48 697 360 002
EMAIL: sanga.satrikersang@gmail.com

Tempa Lama will offer the teaching and transmission of the profound and powerful Dü Dok ritual prayer for averting misfortune and obstacles. Tempa Lama suggests that all his students learn this practice because it is very powerful and helpful for ourselves and others. Tempa Lama has been doing this practice all his life as a daily practice.

Dü Dok is a short and powerful ritual prayer that we can do to help ourselves, our friends and family, and all beings. Through this practice, we clear the causes of periodic misfortune and obstacles to the five divine energies of the individual: the Tsog (life force), Lu (health), Wangtang (livelihood), Lungta (social wellbeing), and Lha (soul). Through this ritual, we can avert negative planetary forces and clear the 80,000 different provocations of energy, the 404 kinds of illness, the 80,000 forces of misfortune, the 360 spirits causing danger and accidents, the 81 bad omens, and evil spells and curses. The ritual helps us heal trauma and recurring nightmares.

Registration and Fees

Registration Fee: 200 zl/2 dni until 26 czerwca 2024. Registration will be 220 zl/2 dni on the day of the teaching

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PKO BP 07 1020 1068 0000 1302 0210 0238
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To register and learn more information, please contact Piotr Grzybowski at +48 697 360 002 or sanga.satrikersang@gmail.com or Sa Trik Er Sang – Facebook