Calligraphy Workshop, August 2010

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See photos from the successful Calligraphy Workshop held at the Center on August, 21, 2010.


  • Calligraphy_workshop_participants
    Calligraphy Workshop Participants
  • Tempa_lama_creating_calligraphy
    Tempa Lama creates calligraphy
  • Tempa_lama_creates
    Tempa Lama creates
  • Tempa_lama_oversees
    Tempa Lama oversees the creative process
  • Workshop_participants_hard_at_work
    Participants hard at work
  • Ursula_shows_tempa_lama_her_work
    A consultation
  • Tempa_lama_approves
    Tempa Lama approves
  • A_steadying_hand...
    A steadying hand
  • A_lesson
    A lesson
  • Dsc_7012
    John learns the skill of calligraphy
  • Dsc_7015
    Lori with Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_7021
    Tempa Lama explains to Lori
  • Dsc_6973
    Tempa Lama oversees the group
  • Dsc_6977
    The group practicing
  • Tempalama
    Tempa Lama creating calligraphy


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