Olmo Ling Children’s Fund

Tempa Lama has created the Children’s Fund to support young people in Humla and Nepal who cannot obtain a necessary education because of lack of funds. Please partner with us to offer the precious gift of education to young people in need. Tempa Lama personally selects all children given individual needs and circumstances and willingness and ability to study hard.

Continuity of support is crucial in order to ensure that each child completes education as planned. Our current efforts focus on just two children in order to be able to ensure that we have sufficient funds to support both for several years as needed. With your generous support we will be able to add additional girls and boys to the Olmo Ling Children’s Fund in the near future. If you would like to commit to a recurring annual or monthly donation, please contact the Olmo Ling office at 412 904 1112 or bon@olmoling.org, or set up an automatic subscription through Paypal.

Thank you for your generosity!

Children in need of support

Lu Mo

Lu Mo is a talented and compassionate young woman from Humla who wants to dedicate her life to helping others as a Tibetan Doctor (Amchi) in the Bon tradition. Lu Mo lives at Menri Monastery, India, where she has begun to study toward the Bon Amchi degree. We urgently need funds to support the full costs of her studies.

Full name: Lu Mo.
Amount needed:$42/month or $500 per year to pay for Lu Mo’s studies toward a Bon Tibetan Doctor (Amchi) degree.

Currently supported children


Punor Lama

Punor is a very bright girl who has completed public school in the remote Himalayan valley of Humla, Nepal. She is very hard working and finished school with such excellent results that she has been offered a scholarship for training as a dentist in the city of Pokara, Nepal. Olmo Ling has sponsored her travel costs to Pokara and is now supporting Punor’s living expenses in Pokara where she will be studying through summer 2018. This precious support is helping Punor fulfill her dream to obtain a quality education for supporting herself while helping others as a dentist.

Full name: Punor Lama.
Year of birth: 1999 in Humla.
Amount needed: Punor is currently supported with $90/month to pay for living expenses for Punor in Pokara.

Tsewang Ngodup

Tsewang Ngodup is a hard-working, bright and kind-hearted young man from Humla who currently lives at Menri Monastery in India. Thanks to our generous sponsors, Olmo Ling Children’s Fund is making it possible for Tsewang to fulfill his dream of attending carpentry school. Tsewang looks forward to completing his studies this summer, 2016.

Full name: Tsewang Ngodup.
Amount needed: Olmo Ling is currently covering the full costs of Tsewang’s training at carpentry school.


Yeshe Norbu

Yeshe Norbu lost his father a year ago and his mother is struggling to support him. He is a very bright, creative and gentle child. We would like to support Yeshe to live and study at Menri Monastery in India, the main monastic center of the Bon tradition. Menri offers a home, loving care, and education to several hundred children. This will provide Yeshe with the precious opportunity to attend school with other Tibetan children and undergo the monastic studies of Bon rituals and philosophy. After completing school he can choose to continue his studies toward a Geshe degree (doctor of philosophy) at Menri or shift to a vocational training.

Full name: Yeshe Norbu
Year of birth: 2010 in Humla.
Amount needed: Yeshe is currently supported with $480 per year to provide room, board and studies at Menri, and support occasional visits from his mother.