Bardo Teachings October 2011

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  • Dsc_6497
    Tempa Lama with Workshop participants
    Photo by John Ubinger
  • Dsc_6483
    Tempa Lama teaching on the Bardo
    Being with Dying Part III Workshop
  • Dsc_6376
    Tempa Lama teaching
  • Dsc_6400
    Workshop Participants
  • Dsc_6420
    Dr. Jon Spiegel teaching
  • Dsc_6453
    Tempa Lama teaching
  • Dsc_6440
    Tempa Lama teaching on Bardo
  • Dsc_6458
    Tempa Lama
    photo by Iris
  • Dsc_6462
    Tempa Lama teaching on the Tibetan book of Death
    photo by Bill
  • Dsc_6481
    Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_6465
    Tempa Lama concluding the workshop
  • Dsc_6471
    Tempa Lama concluding the Bardo teaching
  • Dsc_6438
    Tempa Lama Teaching on the Clear Light Bardo
    Photo by Iris
  • Dsc_6493
    Participants of Olmoling Being with Dying Part III
    October 21-23, 2011


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