Ngondro Teaching Feb. 2012

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  • Dsc_0695
    Participants offering Mandal
    February 4-5 Ngondro teaching by Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_0657
    Tempa Lama teaching Ngondro
  • Dsc_0658
    Olmo Ling Dzogchen Ngondro Retreat
    Taught by Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_0663
    Tempa Lama teaching
  • Dsc_0677
    Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_0687
    Ngondro teaching
  • Dsc_0680
    Tempa Lama with the students
  • Dsc_0683
    Ngondro teaching at Olmo Ling temple
  • Dsc_0695
    Participants offering Mandal to the Buddha's and beings of 3000 worlds


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