Heart Sutra Retreat March 14-15, 2012

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  • Dsc_1035
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak teaching
    Heart Sutra (Yun mDo) March 14-15
  • Dsc_0988
    Geshe la arriving at Olmo Ling Temple
  • Dsc_1000
    Geshe la offering statue of Tapihritsa to Olmo Ling
    We are grateful
  • Dsc_1019
    Geshe La giving a talk on Tibetan Medicine
  • Dsc_1010
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak and Tempa Lama
    Historic first teaching Yum mDo, Heart Sutra
  • Dsc_1012
    Participants of the teaching
    March 14-15, 2012
  • Dsc_1015
  • Dsc_1028
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak
    at Olmo Ling Center and Institute
  • Dsc_1031
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak
  • Dsc_1033
    Tempa Lama translating Yum mDo teaching
  • Dsc_1046
    Retreat participants
  • Dsc_1055
    Community receiving Heart Sutra (Yum mDo) teaching
  • Dsc_1063
    Teaching Yum mDo
  • Dsc_1061
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak at Olmo Ling Temple
  • Dsc_1080
    Geshe la making torma for soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_1107
    Altar set up for soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_1119
    Ceremony of soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_1117
    Deer and soul turquoise for the ritual
  • Dsc_1094
    Geshe la performing ritual
  • Dsc_1122
    Tempa Lama performing the ritual
  • Dsc_1121
    Soul retrieval ritual ceremony
  • Dsc_1140
    Geshe Tenzin Drug Drak praying
  • Dsc_1137
    Tempa Lama making torma offering
  • Dsc_1133
    Tempa Lama making lamp offering
  • Dsc_1171
    Tempa Lama making gyun tor offering
  • Dsc_1175
    Tempa Lama making gyun gyi torma offering
  • Dsc_1183
    Tempa Lama distributing (bla gYu) soul turquoise
  • Dsc_1198
    Geshe La offering healing water
  • Dsc_1191
    Community receiving healing water
  • Dsc_1210
    Profound blessing
    Thank you


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