Saga Dawa "Vesak" Celebration 2012

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  • Dsc_1465
    Tempa Lama with Monk friends
    May 19th 2012
  • Dsc_1457
    Tempa Lama arriving at the Vesak celebration
  • Dsc_1454
    Tempa Lama with Bante Pema
  • Dsc_1458
    Saga Dawa celebration Pittsburgh 2012
  • Dsc_1471
    Monks from PBC chanting
  • Dsc_1476
    Mandala offering by Three River Dharma Center
  • Dsc_1473
    Chanting by Thai community
  • Dsc_1474
    Beautiful chant offering by Thai community
  • Dsc_1468
    Tempa Lama with the monk friends
  • Dsc_1492
    Tempa Lama giving dharma talk
  • Dsc_1485
    Tempa Lama offering a prayer for prosperity
  • Dsc_1499
    Tempa Lama giving a talk on the Four Foundation of Mindfulness
    May 19th 2012
  • Dsc_1497
    Dharma Talk by Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_1503
    Saga Dawa 2012 Pittsburgh


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