Trip to Menri Monastery India 2014

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  • Dsc_8517
    Menri Monastery India
  • Dsc_7669
    Heidi, Iris and Jim
  • Dsc_7826
    Putting up prayer flags
  • Dsc_7843
    Group picnic on the mountain
  • Dsc_7959
    Tempa Lama with his parents and relatives
  • Dsc_7987
    Tsewang Ngodup Lama preparing for his Geshe
  • Dsc_8022
    Tsewang Ngodup Geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8036
    Tempa Lama making offering for the geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8037
    Tempa Lama and the group
  • Dsc_8058
    Iris and Heidi at Menri
  • Dsc_8061
    Tempa Lama's father
  • Dsc_8075
    Tempa Lama receiving blessing for His Holiness
  • Dsc_8088
    Tempa Lama offering donation to the monks at menri
  • Dsc_8111
    Iris Grossmann receiving blessing from His Holiness
  • Dsc_8130
    Group enjoying the Geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8188
    Tsewang Lama and Tempa Lama's parents enjoying the Geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8217
    Tsewang Ngodup Lama geshe presentation
  • Dsc_8351
    Tsewang's geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8423
    Tsewang's geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8424
    Tsewang's geshe ceremony
  • Dsc_8276
    Photo with the Masters
  • Dsc_8503
    Tempa Lama and geshe Tsewang Ngodup Lama
  • Dsc_8296
    Tempa Lama with his parents at Menri Monastery, India
  • Dsc_8544
    Group enjoying tea
  • Dsc_8557
    Group enjoying Momo
  • Dsc_8619
    Mask Dance menri
  • Dsc_8951
    Lion Dance
  • Dsc_8981
    Garuda dance
  • Dsc_9054
    Group visit with His Holiness
  • Dsc_9060
    Visit with His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin
  • Dsc_9097
    Visiting Stupa temple with His Holiness
  • Dsc_9112
    Tim and Heidi with His Holiness
  • Dsc_9101
    Tempa Lama with His Holiness at the stupa temple Menri
  • Dsc_9114
    Group visiting stupa temple with His Holiness
  • Dsc_9253
    Group visiting with the abbot of the Bon Dialectic School
  • Dsc_9245
    Group visiting Menri Ponlob Rinpoche
  • Dsc_9165
    Tsering with Lillian, Heidi and Tim
  • Dsc_9264
    Jim with geshe Tsewang Ngodup Lama
  • Img_3346
    Jim with Tempa Lama's parent
  • Img_3510
    Heidi celebrating birthday at menri
  • Img_3536
    Group photo by yogi temple menri india 2014
  • Img_3586
    Group departure from menri monastery
  • Img_3625
    Group touring Red Ford Delhi
  • Img_3649
    Group touring India Gate New Delhi


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