Healing Retreat September 2011

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  • Dsc_6301
    Retreat participants
  • Dsc_6150
    Tempa Lama teaching Sidgyal healing
  • Dsc_6152
  • Dsc_6159
    Tempa Lama sharing the Sidgyal healing text
  • Dsc_6189
    Tempa Lama teaching
  • Dsc_6182
    Laurelville Retreat Center
  • Dsc_6171
    Participants enjoying the lunch
  • Dsc_6174
    Retreat participants enjoying the lunch
  • Dsc_6172
  • Dsc_6176
    Enjoying Supper
  • Dsc_6277
    Tempa Lama blessing
  • Dsc_6199
    Practicing dance movement
  • Dsc_6143
    Tempa Lama preparing the materials for the healing amulets
  • Dsc_6196
    Heidi making a healing amulet
  • Img_0138
    Participants making healing amulets
  • Img_0143
    Participants making healing Amulate
  • Img_0110
    At the Healing Retreat
  • Img_0112
    Enjoying delicious food


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