Soul Retrieval March 2013

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  • Dsc_5130
    Torma offering for the soul retrieval
  • Dsc_5116
    Geshe Nyima K and Tempa Lama
    Making Torma for the soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_5112
    Eileen coloring the torma
  • Dsc_5119
    offring for the ritual
  • Dsc_5134
    La dud Nagpo ' black demon of soul"
  • Dsc_5123
    Geshe la arraging the offering
  • Dsc_5148
    Participants of the retreat
  • Dsc_5146
    offering for the ritual
  • Dsc_5150
    Geshe Nyima Kunkyap and Tempa Lama
    Teaching the soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_5155
    Geshe Nyima KunKyap at the Olmo ling Temple
  • Dsc_5169
    two lama doing the ritual
  • Dsc_5171
    Tempa Lama explaining the importance of the ritual
  • Dsc_5175
    two lama performing the soul retrieval ritual
  • Dsc_5177
    two lama performing the ritual
  • Dsc_5195
  • Dsc_5205
    Lowell offering the healing nectar
  • Dsc_5207
    Participants receiving the healing nectar
  • Dsc_5224
    Lowell making the tshog offering
  • Dsc_5239
    Preparing the ngodrup for the Lama
  • Dsc_5247
    Preparing tshog for the participants
  • Dsc_5248
    Offering Ngodrup to the lama
  • Dsc_5251
    Lama receiving the tshog
  • Dsc_5278
    Tempa Lama and geshe Nyima Kunkyap explaining the ritual
  • Dsc_5304
    Lowell cho pon making the offering
  • Dsc_5308
    la dud nagpo receiving the ransom
  • Dsc_5323
    Black and white dice for the ritual
  • Dsc_5328
    geshe la and tempa lama performing the ritual
  • Dsc_5333
    Lowell performing the ritual with dadar
  • Dsc_5338
    Soul Retrieval
  • Dsc_5342
    la zug and la tsho
  • Dsc_5345
    Tempa Lama destributing the Je thag
  • Dsc_5362
    Geshe Nyima Kunkyap cutting the Je thag
  • Dsc_5366
    Tempa Lama doing the prayer with the participants
  • Dsc_5372
    Taking out the ransom
  • Dsc_5264
    Geshe la and Tempa Lama dedicating the merit
  • Dsc_5401
    Group Photo E MA HO


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