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  • Tempayoungboy6
    With class mates in India
  • Tempa-menri
    with friend Jepa, Menri Monastery India
  • Menri-drupchhen
    With friends in Menri monastery
  • Untitled-scanned-00
    with Geshe Nyima Woser
  • Untitled-scanned-25
    with Sue Yong Hawaii
  • Untitled-scanned-05
    With Bjoern Grossmann in Denmark
  • Ligmincha_tempa-chongtul_sangye
    With Chongtul Rinpoche and Sangye at Ligmincha 2000
  • Nymakunkyp
    With Geshe Nyima Kunkhyp India
  • Bouldysantafe2001
    With Gemon Santa Fe NM
  • Manny
    With Manny and Bea a best friend
  • Testhome2
    Tempa Lama with friends from Monastery
  • Tempa1-alt
    Tempa Lama
    Photo by Kate
  • 1071summerpicnic
    Tempa Lama, 2008
    Photo by Karen Meyers


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