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  • Dsc_6102
    Tempa Lama Book Signing tour
  • Dsc_6099
    Tempa lama book talk at olmo ling center
    September 2nd 2011
  • Dsc_6107
    Tempa Lama signing the book
  • Dsc_6071
    Tempa Lama Book Talk at shaler Library
    August 31st 2011
  • Dsc_6063
    Shaler Library
  • Dsc_6069
    Book talk at Shaler Library
  • C.f._gallery
    Book Talk at Christine F. Gallery
    September 30th 2011
  • Tempa_lama_book_talk_at_christine_f._gallery
    The Intimate Mind Book Talk at Christine F. Gallery
    September 30th 2011
  • Dsc_6321
    Book Talk New York
    Spetember 25th 2011
  • Dsc_6314
    Tempa lama talking on the Nature of the Intimate Mind
    9-25-2011 Spencertown NY
  • Dsc_6315
    Heidi Harding Introducing Tempa Lama
  • Dsc_6326
    Tempa Lama talking on the two books
    9-25-2011 Spencertown New York
  • Dsc_6327
    Tempa Lama Signing the books
    9-25-2011 New York
  • Dsc_6330
    Signing Books
    Spencertown NY
  • Dsc_6332
    New York
    September 2011
  • Dsc_6312
    New York


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