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  • Potala
    Potala Palace 2002
    Photo by Tempa Lama
  • Potala2
    Potala Palace Lhasa Tibet
    Photo by Tempa Lama
  • Samye
    Samye First Buddhist Monastery in Tibet
  • Untitled-scanned-10
    Tempa Lama with friends Lhasa Tibet 2004
  • Untitled-scanned-13
    With friends at Mt.Kailash Tibet 2002
  • Untitled-scanned-11
    Tempa Lama with Roshi Joan and friends at Potala Tibet 2004
  • Untitled-scanned-22
    Tempa Lama in front of Potala Palace Lhasa Tibet
  • Karta_girl
    Photo by Tempa Lama, Tibet 2004
  • Karta3
    Photo by Tempa Lama, Tibet 2004
  • Karta
    Photo by Tempa Lama, Tibet 2004
  • Untitled-scanned-16
    Photo by Tempa Lama, Tibet 2004
  • Untitled-scanned-08
    Friends meditating in Samye Monastery Tibet
  • Untitled-scanned-01
    Camp in Tibet 2004
  • Basecamp
    Tempa Lama at Mt. Everest Base Tibet with friends
  • Tibe1
    Yaks Tibet
  • Tib4
    Hidden Valley Tibet
  • Tibe5
    Karta Tibet 2004
  • Tibet6
    Breakfast at 17,000 ft. Tibet
  • Tibe9
    Snowy Morning Tibet
  • Tibe7
    Dr. Gary and Sherry Tibet
  • Tibe2
    Camp one morning Tibet
  • Tib5
    Nelson playing for the Sherpas
  • Tibe4
    Tibet 2002
  • Tibe13
    Tempa Lama with Joan Halifax Roshi Tibet 2000
  • Tibe10
  • Yaks
  • Untitled-scanned-155
    Tashi and Tempa Lama
  • Leading_prayer
    Tempa Lama leading prayers
  • Kathamdu_prayer
  • Tempamt.kailash_innerkora2
    Tempa Lama Mt. Kailash inner circle 19,800ft Tibet
    Photo by Nelson Denman
  • Kailash_charnal_ground
    Tempa Lama at Mt. Kailash Charnal Ground 17,638ft Tibet 2002
    Photo by Lai Holdon


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