Beyond Mindfulness: the Nature of Consciousness

With Tempa Dukte Lama
March 2-3, Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling, Los Angeles, CA

Venue : 1977 N. New Hampshire Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Corner of Finley & New Hampshire, one block west of N. Vermont Ave.

The ancient Tibetan Bön tradition has developed a psychologically sophisticated system of practices to understand and transform “afflicted states of mind” such as ignorance, greed, anger, and jealousy. This workshop will introduce participants to the Bön view of consciousness. According to Bön, the mind is not a single entity, but arises from the six senses of consciousness, the deluded mind consciousness and the fundamental base consciousness. The base consciousness contains the seeds of both happiness and unhappiness. These seeds ripen depending on secondary conditions in our life, including our moment-to-moment choices.

Participants will study the arising of deluded perception and attendant affliction. We will then explore potential for psychological transformation based in a deeper understanding of consciousness, the conceptual mind, and mindfulness.

Tempa Dukte Lama is an ordained lama of the Tibetan Bön tradition, and is the founder and spiritual director of Olmo Ling Bön Center and Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, he is cofounder of Humla Fund, a 501©3 nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the Bön culture and traditions in the Humla region of Nepal through access to quality education, healthcare, and sustainable economic development.

Tempa Lama is an artist, poet, and author of four books, who has studied at Menri Monastery, India, under the close guidance of H.H. 33rd Menri Trizin, the world-wide spiritual leader of Bön. He has lived in the US since 2000 and teaches internationally, helping people bring a practice of healing and compassion into their lives.

Schedule and registration

Saturday & Sunday March 2 & 3, from 10am to 5pm
Cost: $100 full weekend
CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling, mail to Dika Ryan at event location address.
For questions, contact Dika Ryan at (323) 913-0584 or dikaryan@sbcglobal.net

Please bring your own cushions; some chairs will be available.

Retreat flier can be downloaded below