Journey into Buddhahood book study group with Iris Grossmann

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday, 10:30-11:45am ET via Zoom – continued Sunday July 19

Kindle version of Journey now available here

Tempa Lama’s fourth book, Journey into Buddhahood, offers a profound guide to attaining full liberation according to the Bon Sutra path, the path of compassionate beings. This journey begins with the aspiration to attain awakening in order to help all sentient beings gain freedom from cyclic existence. The journey consists of five successive paths. On the Path of Accumulation we gather merit and wisdom to help us overcome the two delusions that obscure our true nature. These are the delusion of affliction, which consists of afflictive emotions and afflictive views, and the delusion of intellect, which is our grasping at the self and phenomena as real and substantial. Tempa Lama’s book offers a detailed explanation of these two delusions and how we can gradually transcend them through our practice of the Thirty-seven Aspects of Enlightenment. On the second path, the Path of Application, we prepare for the direct recognition of the nature of reality. On the third path, the Path of Seeing, we attain a direct recognition of the true nature of the self and phenomena for the first time. This recognition is deepened and stabilized on the subsequent Path of Meditation. Finally, the compassionate being attains liberation on the Path of No More Learning or full Buddhahood.


Iris has studied Buddhism and Eastern traditions since her childhood, starting around 1990. She has studied closely with Tempa Lama for the past sixteen years and has assisted in editing and preparing his five books and practice booklets and handouts. She feels particularly connected to the Bon Sutra teachings underlying Journey into Buddhahood and has been studying them closely for several years. Tempa Lama previously encouraged her to share her understandings in weekly evening talks at Olmo Ling temple when he was unavailable due to travel. Given the current shutdown, he encouraged Iris to start an online study group via Zoom. We are offering this study group at a time that is accessible for people who may want to join from Europe or Asia.

Book study group details

The study group will begin on June 7 with the first chapter of Journey into Buddhahood and we will gradually work through the following chapters. Each session will begin with a 30-40 minute review and reflections on the meaning of the text offered by Iris. Then we will all share our questions, thoughts and insights. We will likely be a smaller group, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with others in our community.

Register for the study group here. Purchase a kindle version of Journey into Buddahood here or view the table of contents and purchase the paperback version of Journey here.

Study group outline for the next 3 months

  • Sunday June 7, Introduction to Journey into Buddhahood (Introduction and part of chapter 1)
  • Sunday June 21, The two delusions and karma (chapter 1)
  • Sunday July 5, Cyclic existence (chapter 1)
  • Sunday July 19, The Mind of Awakening (chapter 2)
  • Sunday August 2, The Beginning Path of Accumulation (chapter 3, first part)
  • Sunday August 16, The Immediate Path of Accumulation (chapter 3, second part)
  • Sunday September 6, The Advanced Path of Accumulation (chapter 3, third part)