Music for Menri News and Events

The First Violins Donated to the Nuns at Menri

In 2012, the People-to-People Project, Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) International Music Fraternity, generously donated several violins for the nuns at Menri. These violins enabled Eileen to begin teaching music during her trip to India later that year.

Computer Donated for Distance Learning at Menri

Olmo Ling Sangha members have generously donated a new laptop computer with Skype installed, which will be delivered to the Menri nuns in March 2013. After the computer is up and running, Eileen will have the capacity to continue teaching the nuns, not only when she travels to India, but also from her home in Pittsburgh.

Since the nuns are now able to continue their music training over Skype, Eileen would like to expand the project to include more in-depth training. Currently Music for Menri is seeking donations of instruments (violins and piano keyboards) or financial donations to purchase instruments and provide related accessories (shoulder rests, rosin, tuners, etc.) on an ongoing basis as well as study materials. In addition, funding is needed to supply electricity for computer service access, Internet access, and maintenance since Renla Menling Nunnery does not currently have the infrastructure capacity to support computer and Internet services.

Harmonized Version of the Bardo Monlam Completed

Eileen Nadzam has completed an orchestrated version of the Bardo Monlam (ritual of the dying), and it is being prepared for recording and sales. Eileen started this project in 2011 after His Holiness expressed an interest in adding western-style harmonies and the added instrumentation to traditional Bon music. The added instrumentation enhances the beauty of these ancient sacred musical visions while preserving the original Bon melodies.

During Eileen’s 2012 visit to Menri monastery, she played a completed part of the Bardo Monlam for His Holiness, much to his delight. He requested that she send him the finished music and recording so he can add it to the ceremonies at Menri.

Profits from recordings and music sales will be allocated to provide continuing support for the Music for Menri project.