The practice of self-compassion on the path of compassionate beings

With Tempa Dukte Lama

March 9th Sunday 9-12.30 pm and 2-4pm.

Media Shambhala Meditation Group, Media PA
Media Wellness Center, 55 State Road, Media PA

The practice of compassionate beings is to realize selflessness and to help others attain this realization. Becoming a compassionate being means becoming a Buddha. Yet, this is not an easy path. We may face obstacles and difficulties. Some of these difficulties arise from our conditioning, such as our expectations, self-judgment, fear, and attachment. There are other difficulties that we face because of the demanding nature of the world that we live in. These difficulties and obstacles distance us from our initial motivation to be compassionate.

In this weekend retreat, we will explore these obstacles and how we unconsciously put pressure on ourselves through our expectations and emotional insecurities, or because of the demanding nature of the world outside. Lama Tempa will talk about how we can heal our insecurities through a practice of self-compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, and guide us in meditating on these qualities. The practice of self-compassion is the highest practice on the path of a compassionate being, serving as a foundation for expressing our compassion boundlessly.

Pre-registration is requested. Contact: Jacqui Merrell, phone: 610-446-6503.

A light reception will follow the teachings. There is no charge for this event, but donations are appreciated.