Second Visit of H.H. Menri Trizin to Pittsburgh in May 2013

Proceeds benefit nuns and children at Menri Monastery

Saturday May 25, Pittsburgh, PA

We are deeply honored to announce the second visit of His Holiness 33rd Gyalwa Menri Trizin the 33rd abbot of Menri Monastery and spiritual head of the Bon tradition to Pittsburgh this May. Please join us for this precious opportunity to spend time with His Holiness. H.H. will offer a public talk and blessing entitled “Ordinary Mind and the True Nature of the Mind” from 3-5pm, followed by a benefit dinner with H.H. and Olmo Ling resident lama, Tempa Dukte Lama, at 6:30pm.

H.H. is now in his mid-eighties. Since he was a young boy he has dedicated his whole life to helping others and preserving the Bon tradition. His Holiness’ visit is a unique blessing and opportunity.

More Info and Tickets for the Talk and Blessing…

More Info and Tickets for the Benefit Dinner…

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Read the Pittsburgh Post Gazette article about His Holiness’ visit and the Menri nuns .

Proceeds from both events will benefit the nuns and children at Menri Monastery, Dolanji, India.
Please join us in raising funds to enable the nunnery, the Bon Children’s Home and Children’s Welfare Center to continue opening their doors to young nuns and children:
  • $400 – 1 year full support for a nun or child at Menri
  • $200 – 6 months full support for a nun or child
  • $100 – 3 months full support for a nun or child
  • $33 – 1 month full support for a nun or child
  • $50 – general support (allocated where most needed)
  • Other amount
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Proceeds from His Holiness’ visit will benefit the nuns and children at Menri. H.H. has spent most of his life establishing Menri Monastery in exile in India. Originally based in Tibet since 1405 and re-established in India, Menri is the main spiritual center of Bon. Under the guidance of H.H., Menri has become a thriving center of Tibetan religion and culture. Approximately 500 monks and nuns live at Menri, dedicating their lives to spiritual practice, study, and service.

H.H. has given great care to offering the same spiritual education opportunities to both monks and nuns. The Redna Menling nunnery of Menri that he has established is the only Bon nunnery in India. Many of the nuns have gone through great hardship to be able to come to Menri and lead a monastic life of meditation, study, and service. The nunnery is growing rapidly but is still very small compared to the monks’ community. The nunnery is in urgent need of donations in order to be able to offer a home to the steady influx of girls and women who wish to ordain and receive monastic training and education at Redna Menling. Your support will help the nuns flourish and inspire others as radiant examples of female Bon practitioners.

The Children’s Welfare Center and Bon Children’s Home

Menri currently supports about 400 children. The Children’s Welfare Center at Menri enables girls and boys to attend school and begin monastic studies. The Bon Children’s Home offers a home and secular education to boys and girls who are orphans, refugees or from very poor families and remote areas without access to education. The education and loving support that they receive at Menri enables the children to earn their livelihood and use their skills to be part of building the future of the Tibetan Bon community.