Join us in making an offering to the nuns and monks at Menri Monastery

Tempa Lama will be paying an extended visit to Menri Monastery in February and March 2014. He would like to make an offering on behalf of the Olmo Ling community to request all nuns and monks at Menri to spend an afternoon in prayer for the Olmo Ling community. The monks and nuns will pray for the good health, happiness, longevity and prosperity and offer practices to clear obstacles for everyone in the Olmo Ling community, including family and friends. This offering of Bon practices by the entire Menri monastic community – around 400 monks and nuns – is very powerful. Our offering in turn is an important contribution to preserving and strengthening the Bon monastic tradition and supporting the next generation of Bon monastic teachers.

During Tempa Lama’s previous visit in fall 2011, the monks and nuns at Menri offered extensive prayers on our behalf (see pictures below). We were able to offer lunch, tea and a small donation for each of the monks and nuns. Please join us in raising funds for an offering that Tempa Lama will present to the community this spring. Your donations will also support the expenses of Tempa Lama’s flight to India.


.Menri nuns offering Chod practice for everyone in the Olmo Ling community

The Redna Menling Nunnery at Menri

His Holiness has given great care to offering the same spiritual education opportunities to both monks and nuns. The Redna Menling nunnery of Menri that he has established is the only Bon nunnery in India. Many of the nuns have gone through great hardship to be able to come to Menri and lead a monastic life of meditation, study, and service. The nunnery is growing rapidly but is still very small compared to the monks’ community. The nunnery is in urgent need of donations in order to be able to offer a home to the steady influx of girls and women who wish to ordain and receive monastic training and education at Redna Menling. Your donation will help the nuns flourish and inspire others as radiant examples of female Bon practitioners.



Tempa Lama with the young nuns at Menri, Fall 2011