Thrul Khor: Tibetan Bon Dzogchen Yoga, Part II

Tempa Dukte Lama, Olmo Ling, Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday April 16, 9:30am-5pm with lunch break and Sunday April 17, 10am-1pm
Venue: Olmo Ling Center, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15217

PREREQUISITE: To participate you must have attended the Thrul Khor Tibetan Bon Dzogchen Yoga, Part I, or have previously attended teachings with Tempa Lama and intend to complete the Thrul Khor Worshop series. Thank you for your cooperation.

Join us for this Weekend Workshop on Tibetan Dzogchen Yoga, called Thrul Khor – the magical wheel or wheel of miracle. Tempa Lama will teach and give instructions from the Dzogchen Oral Transmission of Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud.

The Workshop during November 2010 focused on the Thrul Khor practices of A Khrid. In this second Workshop we will learn the Thrul Khor practices of Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud. Through these practices we will work on increasing our mental stability and awareness and improving the circulation of the vital breath.

The Yoga of Thrul Khor practice is the training of harmonizing our body, mind and energy. The harmonious state of our being is the manifestation of joy, peace and prosperity of our body, mind and energy. This state manifests after we clear the obstacles and obscuration of
  • Blockages of energy that cause abnormal arising, abiding and dissolving of energy
  • Blockages of our mental clarity and wisdom due to agitation, dullness and drowsiness.

Through the practice of Thrul Khor we clear our mind and retain its clarity and insight. The practice clears conditioning that cause disturbances and imbalances in the threefold humors of wind, bile and phlegm and thus helps us maintain a healthy body.

Registration: Requested donation for the Workshop: $125 (Olmo Ling members), $135 (non-members.

To register, please call 412-904-1112 on Tuesdays/Thursdays between 9-3:30 or email Online registration has been disabled for this workshop.

If you are unable to pay the full fee and would like to request a scholarship, please click here to download the work-exchange/scholarship application.