Olmo Ling Work-Study/Scholarship Program

Olmo Ling’s work-exchange program allows individuals with limited financial resources to attend retreats at a reduced price or in some cases on a full scholarship. A limited number of work-exchange and scholarship opportunities are available for most of our retreats. Work-exchange participants are assigned specific tasks at our Center.

For the work-exchange program, the task or assignment must be completed prior to the date of the requested retreat. Participants will be required to complete 80% in work exchange hours and be responsible for paying the remaining 20% of retreat costs. For retreats with visiting teachers, we offer the opportunity to pay half the retreat fee and complete work exchange hours for the other 50%.

Work-exchange and scholarship opportunities are limited to two per calendar year, per person, in order to make these opportunities available to a variety of students.

In order to be considered for work-exchange or a scholarship, please fill out the application below and submit it to Olmo Ling, Attn:Work/Study 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, fax it to 412-421-1472 or email it to bon@olmoling.org.

If you have any questions, please email bon@olmoling.org.