A Khrid Part V: Phowa Teaching and Transmission

With Tempa Dukte Lama via Zoom
Saturday April 24 and Sunday April 25, 9:30am-12:30pm ET

Registration closes Friday, April 23, 2pm ET

Simultaneous translation to Spanish will be available

Tempa Lama will offer the teaching and transmission of Phowa practice. Phowa is the practice of transference of consciousness when an individual approaches death or has passed. It is a path of liberation traditionally used by great masters to liberate the consciousness of self and others at the moment of death.

At the moment of death, our body and consciousness separate. Through Phowa practice we help the consciousness of the deceased or dying person liberate. Phowa is also used to clear the causes of the six realms of existence, the karmic traces that bind us to the cyclic continuum of suffering, and to unify our mind with the primordial purity. Tempa Lama will give the teaching and instruction on how to practice Phowa and how to use it to clear karmic conditioning. He will then offer the transmission of this practice.

Tempa Lama encourages all his students to attend and learn this important practice. Having previously attended A Khrid Parts I-IV is helpful but is not necessary in order to participate in this teaching.

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