Bon Ngondro Retreat: Teaching and Transmission

Tempa Dukte Lama via Zoom

Week 1 | Sat. February 5 – Sun. February 6
Week 2 | Sat. February 12 – Sun. February 13

from 9:30am – 12:30pm ET via Zoom

Simultaneous translation in Spanish, French, Polish, and Russian will be available.

Tempa Lama would like to begin this near year 2022 with a detailed
teaching and transmission of the Ngondro preliminary practices. This practice opens the door to all Bon practices of Tantra (Path of Transformation) and Dzogchen (Path of Self-Liberation). It is extremely important for all those who wish to learn and practice the spiritual path of liberation in the Bon tradition.

Bon Ngondro is the practice that opens our mind and heart toward realization on the Path of Transformation and the Path of Self-Realization. Ngondro is of tremendous benefit to our life. It helps us build a deeper connection with our spiritual teachers and cultivate the mind and heart of awakening, the motivation to benefit all beings. Ngondro is a powerful practice for purifying karmic tendencies and negativities. By cleansing our body, speech, and mind Ngondro prepares us to recognize our true nature.

Tempa Lama will explain and give the transmission for both the external and internal Ngondro practices.

Participants will receive the specific handouts for each weekend. Participants will be emailed the zoom link and handouts a day before each teaching on Fridays

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