Chod: Laughter of the Dakinis

Olmo Ling Center, Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama

Sat. November 10, 9:30am-5pm, Sun. November 11, 10am-1pm

Join us for this special Retreat. Tempa Lama will teach the Chod practice Laughter of the Dakinis. This version of Chod was composed by the great Bon Dzogchen Master Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen who achieved the rainbow body in 1934.

Chod is an ancient and powerful Tibetan practice. Chod means to cut through. This practice helps us develop the wisdom that ultimately cuts through the four fears or four demons that afflict individuals and cause our suffering:

  • our grasping of the ego
  • our attachment to our physical body and the four aggregates of form, feelings, mental formations, and consciousness
  • our afflicted emotions and habits and
  • our fear of our mortality and our attachment to our continuation as a permanent and independently existing entity.

The Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to learn this beautiful practice or to deepen your knowledge of Chod. This practice is done every week at Olmo Ling as part of the Saturday morning meditation.

During the Retreat, there will be alternating periods of detailed instruction and guided practice, including the specific chanting, visualizations of the invoked dakinis, and accompanying drum and bell practice. A limited number of traditional Tibetan hand-drums (Damarus) handmade in Nepal will be available for sale.

Early Bird Registration Fee up through October 30th:

Olmo Ling Members: $90.00
Non-Member Rate: $100.00

Rates beginning October 31st:
Olmo Ling Members: $100.00
Non-Member Rate: $110.00

Please do not let financial hardship affect your attendance. Contact Trish for scholarship opportunities at 412-904-1112 or by email to:

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