Concise Practice of the Medicine Buddha

via Zoom & In-Person with Tempa Dukte Lama

Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th, 2022

from 9:30am – 1:00pm via Zoom & In- Person

Simultaneous translation will be available in Spanish and French online, please check back soon for updates!

Join us for this special teaching and transmission on the ancient Bon Medicine Buddha practice. This will be Tempa Lama’s first teaching following his return from Nepal. He has selected the Medicine Buddha practice because of its deep relevance to the challenges and crises we face in today’s world. The Bon Medicine Buddha practice was first taught in the human realm eighteen thousand years ago by the Awakened One Tonpa Shenrab and his son, compassionate being Chebu Trishe. The Awakened One offered this teaching to restore healing and wellbeing during a pandemic that caused widespread illness, conflicts, and famine in the ancient kingdom of Dawa Ruteng. This ancient healing practice is deeply beneficial for today’s world. It supports us on a profound level in restoring health and hope, deepening and strengthening our spiritual faith, and including all beings in our forgiveness and compassion.


The concise Medicine Buddha practice composed by 14th century Bön master Nyamed Sherab Gyaltsen is an accessible yet powerful shorter version of the extensive Medicine Buddha cycle. Tempa Lama will offer a detailed explanation and teaching and give the transmission, enabling us to do this powerful meditation practice as part of our daily practice. He will also explain the origins of this practice and its benefits for our lives and our health.

For a detailed explanation of this practice, Tempa Lama’s latest book, Origin of the Medicine Buddha is available via our online bookstore and other US / European Bookstores. Our online store is offering Origin of the Medicine Buddha at 10% off with Discount Code: MEDICINE10, however, participants outside of the U.S. may still find it more affordable in through our European locations due to shipping costs!

In this first English rendition of the Tibetan Bön Medicine Buddha practice, Tempa Dukte Lama illuminates the history of how the Medicine Buddha was first taught by the Awakened One, Tonpa Shenrab, to his son, compassionate being Chebu Trishe. He offers a detailed explanation of the liturgy, visualization, and altar preparation.

Participants will be emailed the Zoom link and handouts a day before the teaching on Friday

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