Contemplative Healing Retreat

Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama

Sat June 5, 9am-5pm with lunch break
Sun June 6, 10am-1pm

Contemplative healing practices recognize that we are all gifted with the primordial wisdom of healing. In the Tibetan Bon tradition, practices to help us connect with the innate potential of healing have been done for thousands of years. Join us for this Retreat in which Tempa Lama will teach the traditional Bon healing practice of Sidpa Gyalmo, the chief protector of the Bon tradition.

In the Bon teachings, healing encompasses the physical, emotional and mental dimensions. The healing practice of Sidpa Gyalmo can clear both physical illness and disturbances in our mind and feelings. The practice gradually opens us to our innate potential to heal ourselves and to help others heal.

During this Retreat we will learn about
1. The healing power of mantra and how it works.
2. How to evoke the healing power of the deity (Sidpa Gyalmo).
3. How to embody the healing power of the deity.

A booklet with detailed explanation of this practice and how to heal ourselves, written by Tempa Lama, will be available for purchase at the Retreat.

This contemplative practice is for all who are interested in healing: those who personally need healing or have a chronic physical, emotional or mental illness; those who want to help others or are working with others who are ill; and everyone with an interest in Bon practice and the Bon healing tradition.

Tempa Dukte Lama is the founder and spiritual director of Olmo Ling Bon Center in Pittsburgh, PA where he is working to make the ancient Bon teachings available and accessible through workshops and retreats, a weekly meditation program and compassionate outreach. Tempa Lama regularly teaches across the US and Europe on contemplative healing practice and other core Bon practices, being with dying, the stages of meditation, and living a spiritual path informed by compassion.

Please register early to support us in planning for this retreat. Requested donation: $75 (Olmo Ling members), $85 (non-members). To benefit from the membership discount, please pay by check or call us to pay by credit card. If you are unable to pay the full fee and would like to request a scholarship, please email or call us (412 904 1112) to explain your situation.

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