Teachings on the Bon Refuge Tree

Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama

Saturday, February 16, 2013 9:30am – 5pm

This past November we celebrated the arrival of the Bon Refuge Tree Thangka painting at Olmo Ling temple. After his return from Asia, Tempa Lama will offer a special 1-day teaching explaining the meaning of the Refuge Tree and its importance for practicing the path to liberation.

The Refuge Tree offers a detailed depiction of the ancient lineages of Bon back to the primordial Buddha Kuntu Zangpo: the three Bon Dzogchen lineages, the lineage of the Bon path of Transformation (Tantra) and the lineage of the Bon Path of Renunciation (Sutra). It also depicts in beautiful detail the line of Menri abbots, the great compassionate beings of the successive Five Paths and Ten Stages, the Nine Buddhas of the different eons, the Buddhas of the Ten Directions, the Khandromas (awakened female beings), the wrathful and peaceful deities of Bon, and the Bon protectors.

The Refuge Tree is a powerful depiction of the blessings of our awakened nature, the awakened masters, and the deities and protectors. It supports us in experiencing the blessings of the Four Jewels of Refuge: Our teachers, the Buddha or our true nature that is pure and awake, the teachings or truth, and the community of compassionate beings who support us on this path. Through taking refuge we reconnect with our awakened nature and the awakened nature of all beings.

Retreat fees for Olmo Ling members: $45, non-members: $50.
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