The Many Faces of the Loving Mother

with Eileen Nadzam

This event has been canceled.

What do the different faces the LOVING MOTHER represent, and what are the attributes of each one? In what way does Sidpa Gyalmo differ from Yeshe Walmo, what are their different qualities and different powers? Do they exist as symbols within us or do they truly have an existence of their own? To the Westerner this can be a confusing topic. Just as different saints and angels in Western religions represent different qualities, so do the deities of the Bon Religion represent different attributes. To whom should we pray and upon which face should we meditate? What are their mantras and when and how do we call upon them? In this two day workshop Eileen Nadzam will cover the five most powerful of these aspects of the Loving Mother and discuss the different attributes of each so that we can contact them through
meditation, mantra and prayer.

Eileen Nadzam is a senior student of Tempa Lama and previously served for six years as the Olmo Ling chant leader. She is the director of the Olmo Ling Music for Menri project. Eileen has a Master of Fine Arts in Music from Carnegie-Mellon University, and owns and operates her own music studio. She has also taught at the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), has been Adjunct Faculty in the Music Department of CCAC as well as accompanist to the Community College Choir. She is also a member of the Pittsburgh Musicians Union and past vice president of the Pittsburgh Music Teachers Association. Eileen is a Registered Suzuki Instructor for violin and piano and has performed with many venues including the Wheeling Symphony, and the Pittsburgh Opera and Ballet. She has been a long time student of Yoga, Aikido, and Chi Gong, and is dedicated to the practice of Bon.

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