The Nature of the Mind and our Buddha Nature

Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama

Sat Oct 10, 9:30am-5pm, Sun Oct 11, 10am-1pm

This Retreat is an opportunity to immerse ourselves more deeply into the Bon teachings on liberation from suffering.

Tempa Lama will teach on the nature of the mind and the three paths of liberation distinguished in the Bon tradition: the Path of Renunciation, the Path of Transformation, and the Path of Self-Liberation. Practices within these three paths help us recognize the karmic and afflictive conditions that separate us from our inherent pure nature and allow us to reveal our Buddha Nature.

Requested donation: $90 (Olmo Ling members), $100 (non-members). Please register early to help us plan and to ensure that we have a space for you at the retreat.

To benefit from the membership discount, please pay by check or call us to pay by credit card.

If you are unable to pay the suggested donation, please request a scholarship by sending us an email.

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