Transcending the Self through Purifying the Eight Consciousnesses

Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama
Weekend Retreat: Saturday, Aug.20 9:30am-5pm and Sunday, Aug. 21 10am-1pm
Venue: Olmo Ling Center, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15217

The eight consciousnesses are the six consciousnesses of the senses, the deluded mind consciousness, and the fundamental base consciousness. The base consciousness is the source of everything. It has the seeds of both liberation and delusion, happiness and unhappiness. Which of these seeds will germinate depends on the conditions we come into contact with, the secondary conditions of our living experience. When either the seed of delusion or the seed of liberation meets with conditions that are favorable for its development, the seed will ripen. Through our practice we transform these secondary conditions.

Based on the six doors of the senses and the mind we train our consciousness in pure perception. Pure perception is free from grasping at dualistic phenomena. It is free from the division of our experience into a subject that apprehends the object and either grasps or rejects it, and an object that is perceived as either pleasant or unpleasant. In this Retreat we will explore the Bon Buddhist teachings and philosophy on how to develop the qualities that enable us to have pure perception.

Registrations through Wed. Aug. 10: $85 (Olmo Ling members), $95 (non-members), from Aug. 11: $100 (members), $110 (non-members). Proceeds from this Retreat help us sustain our temple and the Olmo Ling compassionate outreach projects.

If you are unable to pay the full fee and would like to request a scholarship, please click here to download the work-exchange/scholarship application. Questions, please call Trish at 412-904-1112 or email

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