Weekend Retreat: The law of cause and effect

Pittsburgh, PA with H.E. 7th Kundol Rinpoche
Public Talk: Fri. July 15, 7-8:30pm
Weekend Teaching: Sat. July 16, 9:30am-5pm and Sun. July 17, 10am-1pm

Olmo Ling Center, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15217

We are happy and excited that the 7th Kundol Rinpoche will visit Olmo Ling again this summer to share his deep knowledge of the Bon teachings. In this weekend Retreat with Kundol Rinpoche we will explore the law of cause and effect (or “karma”) according to the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition. “Karma” means action. The law of cause and effect describes the relationship between our past actions and the conditions of our present life. Rinpoche will explain how most of our actions as unawakened beings remain as karmic traces in our consciousness. He will explain the effect of these karmic traces or seeds and how they can manifest in our lives.

Understanding the law of cause and effect is essential for the practice of compassionate beings. This understanding enables us to realize how we can manifest our awakened potential by renouncing unwholesome actions and consciously cultivating wholesome actions for the benefit of all beings. Contemplating cause and effect is one of the four thoughts that turn the mind toward its essence: the contemplations of impermanence, the preciousness of human life, the suffering of cyclic existence, and cause and effect.

About 7th Kundol Rinpoche
Kundrol Rinpoche is the seventh reincarnation of the great Kundrol Jatson Nyingpo of Tibet. He is a renowned healer and psychic. Rinpoche’s warmth and compassion, his sense of humor and the unique qualities of his teachings have touched the lives of many beings. Rinpoche is a nonsectarian and has received teachings and empowerments with highly venerated Bon and Buddhist masters such as H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, H.H. Menling Tri Rinpoche, H.E. Dodrup Rinpoche and many others.

At his monastery Za Mongyal in India, Rinpoche is offering monastic training and education to a growing number of monks and children. Proceeds from this Retreat will help support Rinpoche’s monastery and enable him to continue his efforts to offer education and shelter to needy young boys, many of whom are refugees or from poor families in the Tibetan borderlands.

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