Bon Ngondro Retreat

Pittsburgh, PA with Tempa Dukte Lama

We are very happy that Tempa Lama will give the teaching and transmission of the Bon Ngondro practices this summer. This Retreat will be very helpful for those already practicing Ngondro as well as for those who would like to learn this practice and experience its blessings.

The Bon Ngondro or Preliminary practices open the door to the Bon Dzogchen (Great Perfection) teachings. These ancient practices are very beneficial for our life. Ngondro purifies our karmic tendencies and negativities, cleansing our body, speech and mind and preparing our heart and mind to recognize our true nature. At the same time, Ngondro is a complete path of liberation in itself.

Venue: Olmo Ling Center, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15217

Sat July 31st, 9am-5pm with lunch break Sun Aug. 1, 10am-1pm

Requested donation for the Retreat: $85 (Olmo Ling members: $75). To benefit from the membership discount, please pay by check or call us to pay by credit card. If you are unable to pay the full fee and would like to request a scholarship, please send an email to explain your situation or call Rebekah at 412 904 1112.

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